About "us":

After working many years in all kinds of institutions with educational tasks, I studied Art, Art History, Sinology and South-Slavism in Hamburg and two years Art in Hangzhou.

Since 1992 I realize my own Art-projects: "Transhipment between Art space and trivial space." I showed "Life’s materials" as an event between lucent photo -Installations and their inartificial surroundings: DEA Grasbrook hall for oil tubs, Museum for Hamburg History, DESY HERA-hall West, DESY 6th floor beneath surface, Broschek printing-hall / engraving, Broschek printing-hall / paper stock, private park Holztwiete, Hagedorf a. Sielmann / wood stock, Fish-auction-hall, H. Schütt / metal stock, Hospital Eilbek, Main Church St. Michaelis / gallery, Main Church St. Michaelis / side altar, Land-register-hall, Castle-yard in Winsen

I showed "protectorates", which I had built in Hangzhou, at "Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken" and at many studio exhibitions. They are boxes, which are housing things in order to keep them unbeknown. As well I look on my ATELIER as protectorate, because all things, animals and people - in the very moment they enter - become free. They become free from their tasks, free from their meanings. They only are.

A house na jadranskom moru inveigled me into Mediterranean Gaudi. Ein Haus in Niedersachsen is trolling this song.

"Emblems" allow me to squiddle some implanted truths, whilst 纸 and 墨水 are tranquilizing the alarmed awareness. Performances, which do answer to this polysemy, are murmuring in the pipeline.

October 2006